About Edgewalker Studios

We make and do things. Things like Kid Come Down, but also other things and other types of things. The things are of middling quality, at best, but I'm counting on you having poor judgment. Edgewalker Studios was founded in, like, 2015? I think? Universally accepted to be entirely unknown, Edgewalker Studios is therefore edgy, superior, and hecka cool. But I'm not trying to be all over social media calling myself the "CEO" delusion-king of a no-profit, no-employees, no-nothing company. You know what I mean. Edgewalker has a sense of humor, an attempt at personality (hobbies include watching Netflix). This whole undertaking is intensely personal, with a thin fondant of business wrapped around everything because that's just how this goes. And that's obviously a really dumb idea. Really, really dumb. I—or, royally, we—make things because I like it. It's a hobby and a passion. It's my reason to get out of bed in the morning. What's yours? YEAH THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT

About Begging For Money

Making things takes a lot of time and work, believe it or not. Even the bad things take a lot of work. Clearly.
I'm working on other things but it'll take a while: I also have to go to my big boy job to pay bills and stuff. If you like my things, give me money and maybe I can use that to buy a boat and run away forever. If you don't like my things, mock me on social media or something. Any attention will do.

gib moni pls

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