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Friday, December 7, 2018

New Stuff

Kid Come Down update out. Go get it. Changes:


This is a pretty big update. And, out of all the new things, the most impactful by far is changing a 1 to a 0. It's free now! Wee! A smart dev would've made the game free from the beginning, with lootboxes and ads and an icon featuring a man screaming to the right. But I had to do it this way, as a kind of prank on myself.
To all the good people who wanted to support me and dropped a dollar on the game: y'all chumps, and let this be a lesson to you.

Altogether, I've made $37 in sales. And I've spent an embarrassing amount of money trying to get exposure with social media and stuff. Turns out Twitter Ads fucking sucks, and they continue to try to sell me ad plans when I'm banned from the platform.
Anyway. If you're trying to get a thing out there and would like to make some money off of it, I think this is the most honest way of presenting a product to your customers: a flat cost to purchase and then it's yours forever, with all future updates being free. Of course, nobody wants to pay a dollar on the app store, especially for an unknown game from an unknown developer. I know I sure wouldn't have. But I still had to do it, and prove to myself that this wouldn't work.

I hate microtransactions. I hate ads. If I can't get people to pay a buck, does that mean I'll just never make money out of Kid Come Down and I should give up and lie down and wait to die? Yeah, probably.
On the other hand, I have so much to live for. I found a way to implement advertising in such a way as to not make myself feel gross: it's not intrusive or obstructive, and it's kind of funny. Also, just gonna say: I'm not doing anything to track you at all, but I can't vouch for third party services. There isn't much I can do to stop Apple/Google and Unity (the ad provider) from stealing pieces of your soul every time you look into the camera.
Check out the Dummy Zone if you feel like watching ads. I mean, if you're okay with being the kind of person who hangs out in the Dummy Zone...

After this update, I'm hoping to return to focusing on the next project. I'll handle whatever issues might come up with KCD, and maybe squeeze in minor additions to the content if I feel like it (The game has a bunch of content squeezed into very small spaces, which is kind of a confusing statement. See the Bestiary for an example). Otherwise, I'll be working away at the other thing(s).

I'm also considering including projects on this site that weren't released under the Edgewalker brand (lol, brand). It doesn't entirely make sense, but it doesn't entirely not make sense either. There is, after all, just the one Edgewalker. No harm in including extra personal projects somewhere that doesn't distract from Edgewalker's bread and butter of humiliating abject failure.
Ah, what do you know.