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History is Made

Thursday, May 24, 2018


The Edgewalker Studios website is officially live! And there's a news story about it. On the website. In case you haven't noticed. Get it? No? See, the joke is that you should already know that the website is live if you're here reading about it on the website.
The very same website!

If you'd like to check up on what's going on at Edgewalker, or if you want to get the freshest, most sauciest memes straight from the source, click here.
Twitter? That's for shitposting. Facebook? For cyber bullying. Instagram? Cancer! Edgewalker Studios? That's the place to be! Stop by to get all the information you could possibly stomach about your favorite company: the things in existence, the things in progress, the deliberately useless joke posts, the generalized spite and mockery. We've got it all!

Make no mistake: you are witnessing history being made. Things are getting edgy. Things will never be the same. Consequences. We're not so boneheaded as to claim that we're breaking the internet, but we're certainly making it a little worse. This is the beginning of a new era, one in which America reasserts its dominance in the troll farming industry.

You're welcome, Obama.