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Kid Went Up! Again!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Kid Come Down

Kid Come Down is now live on iOS! Play as the kid and never come down. Again! This article is largely, but not entirely, copypasta'd from the Android release. Deal with it.
Grab life by the steering wheel and keep your copter flying, no matter what. They want you to Come Down, but Do Not! Or Do. I'm not your Real Dad.
Twitch your thumbs, have a chuckle, git gud. Dodge things, eat things, grow fat on points. You can do it all. No ads. No loot boxes. No microtransactions. No crazy permission requests. No tracking. No assault on your privacy at all. Several assaults, however, on your sanity, character, and butt.
Just play.

Click here to get it on the App Store, for the ludicrously low price of $0.99.
Heck, you must be rich if you've got an iPhone. I should double that price. Triple it! You're lucky I don't know how to!