It is time to stop.

Lol. Just kidding.
Kickstarter stopped Kickstopper before it could start kickstopping.
(In English, god damn it: Kickstarter rejected the project and I don't care enough to keep trying)
(In French: Kickstarter a rejeté le projet et je m'en fous de continuer à essayer)

Look at it anyway!

I don't like Kickstarter.

As a platform and company, it's probably alright—I don't know; I didn't really do a ton of research, tbh. They seem diverse and nice enough on their About Us page (if you don't mind that weird image tiling :side-eyes:). It was a good idea. It had a noble cause. But you see a lot of goofy-ass projects and scam artists and panhandlers. I think it's time to stop. We don't need any more Youtube gaming channels. We don't need mouse traps with bottle openers. We don't need established, predatory game studios gathering money they didn't need and driving indie studios out of business. It is time to stop.

I want to buy out Kickstarter and shut it down forever. But that's probably expensive. I don't have money so please give me money.

It's fascinating to look back and see how hopeful I was, how naive, how young... How could I have expected this farce to succeed? This project was doomed to be stillborn.
I was a mere child back then, three days ago... I'll never love again.